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Senator Exposes Coordinated Election Fraud in Atlanta

Georgia Senator William Ligon released a report that claims that workers from Atlanta’s State Farm Arena carried out the illegal activity during the election. Ligon chairs the Georgia Election Law Study Subcommittee that is part of the State Senate Judiciary Committee. The senator said that the report has not been formally approved either by the committee or the subcommittee. 

State Farm Arena surveillance footage and witness testimony reveal that election workers stopped counting the ballots at 10:30 p.m.

Once the media and observers left the location, election workers resumed counting ballots  

“The events at the State Farm Arena are particularly disturbing because they demonstrated intent on the part of election workers to exclude the public from viewing the counting of ballots, an intentional disregard for the law. The number of votes that could have been counted in that length of time was sufficient to change the results of the presidential election and the senatorial contests. Furthermore, there appears to be coordinated illegal activities by election workers themselves who purposely placed fraudulent ballots into the final election totals,” the report states. The reports asserts many additional incidents of manipulation during the election:

  • Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger did not ensure that the signature verification process of absentee ballots was transparent. There was also a lack of transparency in the vote-counting process during both recount and audit. The Secretary of State failed to provide poll observers and monitors meaningful access to the counting process. 
  • The Secretary of State unconstitutionally prevented the monitors from video recording during the recount process. 
  • The Secretary of State failed to prevent workers from being hostile towards the volunteer monitors observing the recount process.
  • Election officials failed to protect the sanctity of the chain of custody of test ballots and actual ballots, putting the validity of these ballots into question.

Brad Raffensperger’s spokesman lambasted the report, alleging that it makes “rash conclusions” based on conspiracy theories and conjecture. The spokesperson accused members of the study committee of allowing their political affiliation to “cloud their judgment.” 

Poll workers who testified of election irregularities have been fired. (Image: pixabay CC0 1.0</a>)

However, Gabriel Sterling, an official who works at Raffensperger’s office, admitted that no monitors were present during an 82-minute period on the counting night. The report notes that several witnesses have testified that Republican poll workers were treated with hostility during the recount process. Monitors were blocked from properly observing the words written on the ballots and could not verify that the votes were counted towards the correct candidate. 

Ligon said that the Secretary of State dismissed a video that showed election workers telling  observers and the media to leave. Once alone, the same workers then pulled out boxes and started counting the hidden ballots. 

“I find that disingenuous because, under the law, the press, and the parties have the right to have observers there. They are the eyes of the public. And if they had a representative there that saw them go and send them away, he should have stopped the counting right then and not allowed it to resume until the press and the observers were notified to come back and be able to observe what was going on,” he said in an interview.

Susan Voyles and Bridget Thorne are two whistleblower poll workers who testified of election irregularities. They have been fired from Fulton County’s Department of Registration and Elections. County commissioners Liz Hausmann, Lee Morris, and Bob Ellis issued a joint statement saying that the timing of the termination is highly suspect and “deeply disturbing.”

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