German Official Suppresses Negative Report on China

An official from Germany who occupies a high-ranking post has been identified as having suppressed an intelligence report that warned about China’s rising influence in the European nation. The German official was apparently afraid of causing damage to German-China business ties should the report be made public. Chinese influence The report was prepared in 2018 and investigated how the Chinese government was trying to influence almost every aspect of German society, from the government to...

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Africans in the Chinese city of Guangzhou

African Settlers in the City of Guangzhou: A Story of Success and Struggle

According to official estimates, there are about 100,000 Africans living in the Chinese city of Guangzhou. Many of them came as traders and decided to stay in the country and raise families. And even though several of them have achieved success, the African community continues to face racism from the locals. Meanwhile, weaker economic prospects are also driving many of them to leave the city.   African settlement It was in the 1990s that China opened up its manufacturing industry to foreigners. And in...

Beware the Ever-Reaching Tentacles of China’s Social Credit System

Beware the Ever-Reaching Tentacles of China’s Social Credit System

Whether the world likes it or not, China’s Social Credit System (SCS) is fast leaving its impact not only on Chinese soil, but also around the world, affecting the policies of international businesses. And unless this threat of the SCS is handled as quickly as possible, there is a real risk that companies across the world might end up being so influenced by the Social Credit System that they will start acting exactly the way the Chinese Communist Party wants. The Social Credit System...

Simplified Chinese Characters Are Destroying the Chinese Language

Simplified Chinese Characters Are Destroying the Chinese Language

In China's Commercial Press's sixth edition of the Modern Chinese Dictionary, 239 English words, including “NBA,” have been added. After its publication, 100 scholars reported that this dictionary violates specific Chinese rules and regulations. They also accused the Commercial Press of Latinizing some Chinese characters, i.e., using English vocabulary to replace Chinese characters. Doing so causes serious destruction to the Chinese language. Traditional Chinese culture is found in its traditional characters The traditional Chinese language is considered the most ancient hieroglyphic language in the world....

One Man Performs Good Deeds and Gains Good Fortune

Simple Traditional Chinese Medicine Hacks for a Better You

Traditional Chinese medicine offers a plethora of simple but inspirational advice on how to renew your mind and body. Follow these simple hacks that are rooted in traditional Chinese medicine for a better you. Concentrate your eyes on a distant target. While keeping your head still, roll your eyes from the left to the right and follow a clockwise rotation to complete a whole circle. Repeat 10 times for both clockwise and counterclockwise rotations. This relieves tiredness, and also helps to improve your vision. Walk...

The Chinese Lantern Festival

The Chinese Lantern Festival

Chinese New Year is more than just one day. It is a set of festivities, which, put together, have the purpose of seeing out the old and welcoming the new. The Lantern Festival is both the climax and the last day of the Chinese New Year holidays. It is celebrated on the 15th day of the first Chinese lunar month, which falls on March 2 in 2018 and on February 19 in 2019. Meaning of the Lantern Festival The celebration began more than 2,000 years...




Precious Advice on Aging Well

Precious Advice on Aging Well

As a family physician, I’ve often been inspired by those in their 80s and 90s who are aging well and wondered what they were doing. This older generation is different...

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