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A Disconcerting Look at Big Tech’s Influence on the Biden Team

While many Biden supporters are celebrating his potential presidency come Jan. 20, others are increasingly concerned about his ties with “Big Tech.” It is no secret that Big Tech and the people behind these companies played a crucial role in swaying people’s votes toward Democratic Party candidates. A recent investigation uncovered that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg contributed almost half a billion dollars to election officials. According to Scott Watnik, co-chair of the cybersecurity practice at the law firm Wilk Auslander LLP, this raises some serious legal concerns.

“What appears to have happened here is that dollars sourced from Zuckerberg have been used to fund a public function that is to be performed under the auspices of public election officials with taxpayer funding… But when it comes to election infrastructure, each state is required to treat people equally under the law — the 14th Amendment applies… It’s no secret at this point that the funds were not dispersed in an even-handed way in terms of election infrastructure… Far from that, the funds were distributed to favor select, left-leaning demographic areas over others, including in swing states,” Watnik said to The Epoch Times.

The Biden administration is on the lookout for important people linked to tech companies

Some of these people include:

  • Jessica Hertz, former Facebook director, who has been appointed at the general counsel of Biden’s transition team.
  • Austin Lin, a former Facebook program manager, is placed on the agency review team for the Executive Office of the President.
  • Erskine Bowles, an ex-board member at Facebook, is an advisor on the transition team.
  • Tom Sullivan, Amazon’s director of international tax planning, is placed in the transition team’s State Department.
  • Nicole Wong, a former employee at Google and Twitter, has booked a spot at the Office of Science and Technology Policy. She was also the Deputy Chief Technology Officer during the Obama administration.
  • Zaid Zaid, a public policy official at Facebook, has joined the State Department and International Development team.
  • Christopher Upperman, a Facebook manager, booked a post at the Small Business Administration team.
  • Deon Scott, program manager at Google, will be serving on the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) team. He worked in the Homeland Security Department under Obama.
  • Rachel Lieber, a Facebook director, will work at the Intelligence Community team.

In addition, two officials from Amazon have been appointed in the agency review teams at the Office of Management and Budget and the State Department. Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, is reportedly making recommendations to Biden, seeking to place some people in the Department of Defense, as Google is seeking to sign military contracts.

Big Tech is influencing the Biden administration. (Image: Pixabay)

Big Tech’s interest in getting influential spots in the Biden administration is likely due to the fact that these companies have been taken to task by the Trump administration. They are seeking a path to end the oversight and scrutiny from the governmental and related agencies. For instance, the Federal Trade Commission and the Justice Department are conducting antitrust probes against Google and Facebook. Meanwhile, President Trump is seeking to amend Article 230, which will remove the protections granted to social media platforms with regard to user posts. Clearly, companies like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube do not want these protections gone.

In an interview with Martha MacCallum on Fox News, Republican Senator Josh Hawley warned that if Biden becomes the president of the United States, it will basically be Big Tech that runs the administration. “We saw… these companies shoveling money at Joe Biden and Kamala Harris back during the campaign. Now you look at this Facebook executive is running the Biden transition, you look at big tech executives ending up in key positions all over the place, and make no mistake about it, Martha, if Joe Biden is sworn in as president in January, big tech is going to run this administration, just like they did in the Obama-Biden administration,” he said on the program.

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