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Election Integrity Watchdog Reveals Fallacy of Electoral College Deadlines

Amistad Project, an election integrity watchdog, believes that the present Electoral College deadlines do not have any constitutional basis. In a study released on Dec. 4, Amistad argues that the only constitutionally valid date regarding the election process is when the new President is sworn in, which falls on Jan. 20 this time. 

“This election’s December 8 and December 14 deadlines for the selection of Electors, the assembly of the Electoral College, and the tallying of its votes, respectively, are not only elements of a 72-year old federal statute with zero Constitutional basis, but are also actively preventing the states from fulfilling their constitutional — and ethical — obligation to hold free and fair elections. Experts believe that the primary basis for these dates was to provide enough time to affect the presidential transition of power, a concern which is fully obsolete in the age of internet and air travel,” the Amistad Project said in a statement.

It is the state legislature that has the ultimate authority to designate presidential electors according to the U.S. constitution. The people’s representatives are tasked with the responsibility of judging the relevant facts and appoint the slate of electors who can fulfill the responsibilities expected of them. The Amistad Project has filed lawsuits in various states and has alleged that more than 1.2 million votes are fraudulent. In each of the swing states, the number of fraudulent votes might actually be greater than the margin between the two Presidential candidates.

Phill Kline, Director of the Amistad Project (Thomas More Society), notes that state and local officials from key swing states have “brazenly violated election laws” with the aim of fulfilling a partisan political agenda. The Amistad Project warns that all fraud issues from the elections must be resolved completely before determining the next president lest it ends up severely damaging America’s social fabric. It asked Biden and his allies to welcome such fraud investigation. Otherwise, if Biden were to assume office, “a dark cloud” would hang over his administration should it become known that the 2020 presidential elections were illegitimate. This would only worsen the political fragmentation already occurring in the U.S.

More than 65 million Americans voted by mail. Image:Screenshot/YouTube

On Dec. 3, people congregated outside the Carson City Court in Nevada to express their dissatisfaction at the lack of integrity in this election. Tammy Saxe, a resident of the state, said that she would have accepted if Trump had lost in a free and fair election. But now that she knows there are thousands of affidavits along with numerous people who have witnessed vote fraud, she cannot accept the election result in her good conscience.

Election reform

Meanwhile, President Trump is calling for major changes in elections, including an extensive overhaul of election security systems after Georgia’s runoff elections scheduled for January is over. “After we win [the U.S. Senate], we need to pass landmark election reform including voter ID, residency verification… citizenship confirmation… They want to say, ‘He doesn’t have to be a citizen.’ You’ve got to see who’s voting… It’s a disgrace that in 2020, no state in America even makes any real attempt to verify that those who cast ballots by mail are eligible and lawfully registered voters. The evidence of fraud is overwhelming,” Trump said, as reported by The Epoch Times.

Research done by Michael McDonald from the University of Florida shows that over 65 million people voted in this election through the mail, a much greater number than in 2016. Yet despite the higher numbers, the rejection rates have been lower than those of the 2016 elections in many states. This, along with other evidence, has led many to conclude that mail-in votes have been rigged and made liable to manipulation.

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