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Dominion Contractor Alleges Vote Tabulation Fraud in Detroit

Melissa Carone, a contractor who worked with Dominion Voting Systems at the Detroit TCF Center, recently testified at a Senate hearing in which she attested to witnessing incidents of voter fraud. According to her, at least 30,000 ballots were counted multiple times by the Dominion machines.

Carone is a freelance IT worker who was present at the Detroit ballot-counting site on Nov. 3 and Nov. 4. She allegedly saw several employees run batches of ballots through the tabulators many times without first discarding them. The tabulating machines would jam a few times every hour. 

The correct way to scan paper ballots in such a situation is to discard the existing count on the machine and rescan the ballots once again with the jammed paper at the top. But instead of this corrective procedure, Carone allegedly saw that people were rescanning the ballots nine to 10 times.

According to the contractor, there were around 22 to 24 tabulating machines at the site and she witnessed this behavior thousands of times. When she brought the malpractice to the attention of her manager, Nick Ikonomakis, he dismissed her concerns outright. Carone realized that Nick and others at the site were clearly collaborating. While on the night shift, she saw that most of the people at the counting site were simply untrained to do the job.

Patrick Colbeck saw that the Dominion voting machines at the Detroit TCF Center were connected to the internet. Image: Screenshot/ youtube

“They were allowed to do whatever they wanted to do… They had a contract employee, me, and another one that was from Texas — I have his name right here, Miles Smiley, a 90-year-old man, there to assist with IT work. And he did not have any kind of background in IT and lived in Tennessee. So this man was just walking around aimlessly. I was really the only one running around like crazy helping these people,” Carone said at the hearing. She affirmed that the Democrats took every possible avenue to commit fraud in this election. 

When asked why more people haven’t reported about the malpractice which occurred at the Detroit counting center, Carone stated that her life has been destroyed for speaking the truth. As such, others are probably afraid of being harmed if they report anything negative. Since she exposed the malpractice, some of her friends and family members have distanced themselves away from her. She had to change her phone number and get rid of her social media accounts. Carone is finding it difficult to find a job. Even her children were being threatened.

Dominion Internet connection

Patrick Colbeck, a former state senator and poll challenger at the TCF center in Detroit, testified in a sworn affidavit that the voting machines at the site were connected to the Internet. When he checked the terminal screens for the Tabulator and Adjudicator computers, the icons indicated active Internet connections on every terminal. 

When Colbeck asked the election officials about this and said that they could confirm the Internet connection by just placing the mouse cursor over the icon, the officials bluntly replied that they will not move the mouse for him. 

“All the tabulator computers were connected via Ethernet cables to a network router… And that router, in turn, was connected to another router that was connected to the adjudicators. Those were connected to another router/firewall which was connected to the internet, which was connected to the local data center,” Colbeck said in the affidavit. 

“Anybody who understands IT knows that if one computer is connected on a network to the internet, all the computers on that network are connected to the internet. And I know that the local data center was connected to the other networks,” he said.

Colbeck also notes that various error messages popped up on computers with the tabulators and adjudicators. These error messages, called backup overflow, are only generated when someone is trying to create a backup to an SQL database. As such, Colbeck suspects that either each of the tabulators had their own SQL database built into the workstation or some people were trying to connect the workstation to some outside database.

With translation by Jenny Han

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