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Cybersecurity Expert Warns Up to 1.2 Million Invalid Votes in Pennsylvania Alone

On Nov. 25, the GOP Pennsylvania Senate Policy Committee held a public hearing to discuss irregularities and other issues surrounding the 2020 elections. Ret. Col. Phil Waldron, a cybersecurity expert who served in the U.S. Army for three decades, gave testimony warning that more than a million votes in Pennsylvania could be fraudulent.

Waldron started off his speech by saying that the voting systems used in the U.S. were “built to be manipulated.” Whether it was ESNS which was used in Philadelphia or the Dominion voting system used in Pittsburgh, these systems have similar code and function. He points out that SGO Smartmatic sold Sequoia voting systems to Dominion in 2010. Waldron recounts meeting with the son of a Cuban intelligence officer who was acquainted with the family of Hugo Chavez. The family members apparently claimed that their father had invested money to build the SGO voting machine system.

In the wake of the scrutiny surrounding Dominion, one of its key executives, Eric Coomer, has reportedly gone into hiding. The company’s headquarters in Canada and the United States have been closed.

Sidney Powell, the high-profile attorney litigating against suspected election fraud, has brought expert witness claiming that China and Iran had easy access to Dominion’s data.

Cybersecurity risks

Waldron warns people that the voting systems used in America are connected to the internet and servers outside of the US. “They’re connected from the top to the bottom and the middle. There is no transparency… as to how the voter information is processed, how and where it’s stored. The voting record is able to be modified and/or deleted by operators, administrators, and outside threats. Operators can assign votes for write-in ballots, blank ballots, or error ballots in large numbers so that they can be directed toward one candidate or another at the operator’s or supervisor’s discretion,” Waldron said during the hearing.

One white-hat hacker in Waldron’s team discovered malware on the servers that captures the password and login details of every operator that logs into the voting machines, right down to the precinct level. Waldron states that the voting systems basically allow authorized and unauthorized users to cancel, shift, and preload votes on a large-scale in real-time. The experts in Waldron’s team calculated that up to 1.2 million votes in Pennsylvania could have been fraudulent or altered.

Maricopa County apparently failed to validate the signatures on 1.9 million ballots.  The picture is a stock photo of a ball point pen on a piece of paper saying "signature"
Maricopa County apparently failed to validate the signatures on 1.9 million ballots. (Image: pixabay / CC0 1.0)

The cybersecurity expert also explained that there were “spike anomalies” in the processing of ballots through voting machines. These anomalies indicate that a large number of votes were processed during a very short period of time that is mechanically impossible under normal circumstances. Of the number of votes represented by such “spike anomalies,” Waldron estimates that around 570,000 of them went to Biden while just a little over 3,200 were counted for Trump.

Arizona anomalies

Waldron also participated in a public hearing recently held by Trump’s legal team with select members of Arizona’s legislature. The meeting was aimed at examining evidence of election irregularities in the state. During the hearing, Waldron revealed that an official from Maricopa County admitted to him that the county had failed to validate signatures on 1.9 million ballots, thereby effectively creating the potential of massive voter fraud.

Another anonymous witness from Pima County informed Waldron that some votes were manipulated in various precincts with the aim of making Biden win. In a letter written to the U.S. Department of Justice and the Arizona legislature, the anonymous witness writes that around 35,000 fraudulent votes got added to every Democrat candidate’s vote totals. This plan was discussed at a meeting held by the Democrat Party in Pima County on Sept. 10.

Waldron added that the anonymous witness’ claim coincides with an anomaly on election night when 143,000 votes were suddenly injected at 8:06 p.m., a number that he says is in excess of what the voting machines could process. The retired colonel asked for a full forensic audit to investigate the issue properly.

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