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Newsmax Survey: Majority of US Supports Election Recount

A recent survey conducted by Newsmax and McLaughlin & Associates showed that two-thirds of Americans are okay with President Donald Trump asking for an election recount in key states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona.

These are states where Trump’s vote margins with Joe Biden are 1 percent or less. The poll was conducted between Nov. 21 and 23 and saw the participation of 1,000 election voters.

The Majority of US citizens are ok with an election recount and believe that the media should not announce the winner.
More than half of the survey participants think voter fraud is an issue in big Democrat-run cities and that its ok to do an election recount. (Image:mohamed mahmoud hassan/ Publicdomainpictures, CC1.0)

More than a third of the survey respondents believe that the presidential election has seen significant voter fraud. 70 percent of Trump voters and 65 percent of Republicans expressed fraud concerns.

Ninety-four percent of Republicans believe that most of the voter fraud was done by Democrats. Fifty-one percent of the survey participants think voter fraud is an issue in big Democrat-run cities, and 42 percent believe that media coverage of Trump has been unfair and biased.

Election recount: raised hands

Seventy percent of Republicans and 77 percent of Trump voters do not support the idea that media should declare the winner of the presidential elections since recounts are ongoing. However, 57 percent of voters want media outlets like ABC, CNN, NBC, and CBS to declare Biden as the winner.

A huge majority of respondents, about 90 percent, support voter identification laws. Around 88 percent also agree with the idea of states requiring mail-in-ballots to have a signature that matches with the person’s voter registration.

At present, the election results are being contested in six states — Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. Recounts are pending in two while the results have been legally challenged in all six states.

Another survey, conducted by Echelon Insights, found that almost 39 percent of Republicans and voters who lean Republican want Trump to stay as the leader of the GOP.

Thirty-three percent want Trump’s policies, which include strict regulation on immigration, tariffs on foreign imports, and acting against foreign intervention, to continue being the key policies of the Republican Party.

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