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Amid Fraud Allegations, Only 3 Percent of Trump Voters Believe He Lost the Election to Biden

The 2020 U.S. presidential election has engendered a serious perceptive divide over its results, with just 3 percent of Trump voters agreeing that Democratic contender Joe Biden won the race, according to a recent survey.  

Most media outlets have called the election for Biden, while the Trump campaign mounts a determined legal challenge, alleging massive electoral fraud in key swing states. Legacy media have roundly called the charges “baseless.” 

However, it would seem that the media consensus ends at the newsroom doors. 

A poll by CNBC/Change Research shows that of the Trump voters surveyed, 74 percent think the president won re-election, while 24 percent said they were unsure. Only 3 percent think Trump lost and should concede to Biden. 

Trump supporters (Image: Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images)

Of the 1,203 people polled, 66 percent believe that Trump should never concede. Thirty-one percent think he should exhaust his legal options before giving up the White House. 

The majority of Trump supporters believe the president still has several paths to victory.

Support for the president seems to outweigh party allegiance. Asked with whom they would stand if the president left the Republicans to become an independent, 72 percent said they would continue to support Trump, while the rest responded that they would back the GOP. 

Many of Trump’s supporters see the electoral contest as not just a matter of electing their favored candidate, but also as a question of upholding the constitutional principles upon which the United States is based. 

According to law, the results of the election are to be certified by each state on Dec. 14. That day, the 535 members of the Electoral College will gather to cast their votes and determine the winner. 

By Simone Jonker

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