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A Taiwanese Artist and Her Famous Flower Paintings

Ms. Yang Tsui-Hua is a famous Taiwanese painter who uses the pseudonym Beitsui. Born in Kinmen County, an offshore island of Taiwan 100 miles (161 kilometers) east of Mainland China across the Taiwan Strait, Ms. Yang is talented in painting/drawing.

When she was a first grader in junior high, she won the Honorable Mention in an All-Taiwan Watercolor Competition, and was the first prize winner of the Kinmen County Outdoor Sketching Competition the following year. She started to learn oil painting while studying in senior high, and won the first prize in the school’s oil painting competition soon after that.

Motivated by the honor of winning awards, she became confident in walking down the path of painting in her life. She thus entered the National Taiwan University of Arts afterward.

Over the past decades, in addition to holding solo art exhibitions, Yang Tsui-Hua has won some awards in international painting competitions. Among others, she won the Second Runner-up at the NTDTV Second Chinese International Figure Painting Competition in 2009, and the Honorable Mention at the Competition in 2011.

Yang Tsui-Hua held a solo art exhibition titled “The Millennium Promise” in Taipei City in March this year. She shared with visitors happily that her inspirations of artistic creation are from her pure artistic thinking and personal cultivation.

She noted that she especially likes to paint flowers, including lotus flowers, camellia flowers, and peony flowers. She explained that probably it has something to do with her first name “Tsui-Hua,” as “Hua” is a homophone for “flower” in the Chinese language. Her sincere sharing often deeply touches those who attend her painting exhibitions.

All of Yang Tsui-Hua’s flower paintings are truly magnificent and beautiful. She explained that the flowers in her paintings have crystal texture that can seemingly make people feel a pure aura. But she stressed that flowers’ temperament can be affected by people’s attitude.

She likes to paint in the realistic manner by using traditional painting techniques, so as to let viewers fully appreciate the inner beauty of her works. In this regard, she said that it is essential to excel in fundamental skills so that the form and the spirit of our works can be fully demonstrated, and it is also a symbol of respect for the works we created.

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