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‘The Good Seeds’ — Bright Sounds From Upstate New York

“The Good Seeds” are a folk trio based in upstate New York. They create the sweetest kind of music to play in the morning that will set the tone for a good day. Originating from Australia, New Zealand, and Serbia, the band consists of Katy Mantyk and Kate Vereshaka on guitar, keys, percussion, and vocals. And the third member of the trio is the incredibly talented guitarist Nemanja Rebic.

Nemanja Rebic, also known as Nemo, has composed a Chinese zither-style song that expresses his everlasting respect for ancient Chinese culture — listen to the song. Although it’s quite different to the groups style, it showcases his diversity on guitar.

(Image: The Good Seeds via Screenshot/YouTube.)
The Good Seeds trio. (Image: The Good Seeds via Screenshot/YouTube.)

The Good Seeds’ songs are bright and positive, with soothing vocal harmonies in the style of time-honored folk music, bluegrass, indie, and country. There is a simplicity and wholesomeness in the sounds. What captures me is the strength of the songwriting.

Free as a Bird makes me want to grab a small backpack and go on an adventure and gaze at the stars. Far Away talks to me on an environmental level, and offers some wisdom.

And Lambs to Slaughter, an acoustic version of a Sonic Belle song, is a powerful melody in reaction to the human rights abuses of Falun Gong prisoners of conscience being killed for their organs in China.

I also like what is written on their page about the group:

You can’t argue with that; here is the music:

Free As a Bird:

Far Away:

Lambs to Slaughter acoustic version (You can also listen to the original version by Sonic Belle)

(Image: The Good Seeds via Screenshot/YouTube)
(Image: The Good Seeds via Screenshot/YouTube)

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