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Hillary Clinton’s Contribution to Violent Policing in CNN Cover-Up Conspiracy

While Hillary Clinton spoke out against Donald Trump about his reactions to the recent incidents that occured over a 3-day period of violence that ended in two dead black men and five dead police officers, one bit of truth was finally added to the equation. When CNN reporter Brianna Keilar brought up Hillary Clinton’s past, a past that has also been brought back to haunt her by people in the Black Lives Matter movement, the footage suddenly cuts out.

People online think that CNN is trying to cover up the statements she is making. Back during the Bill Clinton presidency, Hillary was a strong supporter of measures about being tough on crime, leading to more incarceration.

Brianna’s comments refer to the infamous 1994 crime bill passed by the Clintons that is seen to have further criminalized black communities. Elizabeth Hinton, assistant professor of history and African and African American studies, told BBC her views on the bill’s effects.

“The Clinton administration knew that the criminal justice system was deeply unfair and biased against African Americans, and chose to expand that system.”

The reporter makes the connection between Clinton’s efforts back then and how they shape current attitudes toward policing today. It also destroys the myth that all American media have liberal bias and have been doing their best to demonize Trump.

After the footage cutting incident spread across social media and the Internet was in an uproar, Keilar responded on Twitter explaining that she wasn’t cut and that it was just a camera crew pulling the wrong plug.

But camera crews have to label all their cables. Even though Brianna says it was an accident, it may have been a purposeful accident, someone being told to pull a certain cable.

But Brianna also says that she brought up the same issue again and it was broadcast. If that is the case, why not show that footage and prove it.

People might be less likely to consider this a conspiracy. It is perhaps the boldest open mainstream media criticism of Hillary since her campaign has started, which is why people believe CNN may have not wanted such statements to get out there.

Brianna Keilar is a senior correspondant at CNN covering politics. She has been working at the station since 2006.

For 2016, she is the lead reporter keeping up with everything happening over at the Democratic Party. She also made waves after she interviewed Senator Cory Booker.

She continually pressed him on the issue of a potential Hillary Clinton indictment over emails, and brought up the topic of whether Clinton should or shouldn’t step aside. The questioning seemed to make Booker nervous as he tried to dodge the topic.

Cory Booker is a potential Vice-President candidate under Clinton, which is probably why Brianna wanted to see if his integrity was on par with Clinton’s. That interview could become very important the closer Clinton comes to choosing a running mate.

But Keilar has also criticized Trump. She argued with the former Trump campaign manager in the same hard-nosed way about the controversial Trump tweet with Hillary Clinton and a star of David.

So before you think she is more a supporter of a certain politician rather than just presenting issues in her trademark way, she seems to be consistent. Of course, she is rather strong and biting in the way she approaches facts, even fearless.

The next United States presidential election will take place on November 8. This has been quite a wild presidential election season.

Neither the Republican Party nor the Democratic Party has been completely unified, and they have even appeared extremely disparate. The Republicans tried in vain to stop Donald Trump from representing their party in the election.

The democrats have also been unhinged. Bernie Sanders accused the Democrats of shutting him out because he is honest and not controlled by big money like Clinton is.

Sanders and Clinton still haven’t totally reconciled, and Sanders’ supporters are still active in pushing his candidacy for the Democratic Party choice of President.

While Trump has made his VP pick, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, Clinton has yet to make a final decision. That will be the next big test for people watching a presidential election that appears to be just as much entertainment as politics.

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