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George Bush Dances at Funeral for Slain Dallas Police

Former U.S. President George Bush was seen dancing at a funeral for the five Dallas policemen who were gunned down at a protest rally. George Bush was always a character in his time as president, but the inconvenient timing of his celebratory dance makes him seem like a screw is loose.

He somewhat manages to get First Lady Michelle Obama into the act, though she is fairly reluctant. Obama just casually sways and looks at George as if to see if he knows what the occasion is, and has a bit of a giggle.

One the other side and to the other extreme, Vice-President Joe Biden stands stiff and serious. He sees absolutely no humor in what is going on with the people beside him, nor with the event itself.

He was probably the only one grieving, though George Bush’s wife Laura Bush also seems a bit uneasy with the song and dance act her husband suddenly decided to put on. The media is likely to have a field day with this one.

Some people on the Internet wonder if he turned up drunk to the funeral. He and the other prominent current and former politicians were standing front and center of the proceedings when Bush decided to show off.

The memorial service was held after recent tragic events that still have many in the United States seeking a solution. It started after two men were killed by police after traffic stops.

The first occurred in Louisiana. Alton Sterling was selling merchandise outside of a convenience store before an encounter with police left him dead.

A video shows him pinned to the floor by police before shots were fired. The video spread widely and has since caused an uproar.

A second incident followed in Minnesota one day later. Philando Castle was pulled over in his car by police before being shot in front of his girlfriend and her 4-year-old daughter.

The girlfriend streamed a video of the incident on Facebook Live, resulting in further outrage from the public. That’s what led to protests like the one in Texas the next day.

The protest in Texas saw a military veteran at the event open fire and kill five police officers who were charged with watching the event. And that leads us to this memorial in which police and high level current and former politicians are holding hands, and where George Bush decides things are not as solemn as they seem after all.

The dance footage was released after Obama gave a speech in Texas, trying to bring the country together as police and citizens who are concerned about police violence have made the country seem to grow further apart. In addition to the seriousness of the atmosphere surrounding the situation, the George Bush dance makes it all basically feel like a joke.

The irony of the situation, as Obama pointed out in his speech, is that the police officers were basically guarding the rally, protecting it from interference so the participants could express their feelings. Obama attempted to give personal stories of the particular police killed so he could humanize them in light of people frustrated with violent policing methods.

George Bush also had a few words to share at the memorial. As NBC News reports, he also had messages of togetherness.

“We don’t want the unity of grief, nor do we want the unity of fear. We want the unity of hope, affection and high purpose.”

Despite his speech, it’s unclear how that led him to think dancing and singing humorously were something necessary to add in. America is probably less mad at him though.

One reason is because he is no longer president and has some latitude. Another is because he’s George Bush.

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