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You Will Never Believe the Secret Bond Between This Woman and Dog

This story has been popular on the Internet recently and is said to take place in Tianjin, China. An elderly woman’s son had passed away two years ago, and she missed him so much. One day she had a dream about him.

“Where are you now?” asked the lonely mother.

“I am in a temple. Do you still remember the temple’s name?” replied the son.

“What are you doing there?” She was curious. “I safeguard it,” came the strange answer.

The old woman woke up feeling uneasy. How come her son was in a temple?

Not long after, she heard some Buddhists talking about making a pilgrimage to a temple. It sounded like the same temple that her son told her about in her dream. She asked if they would take her along, and they said yes.

When the group reached the temple, the mother asked an old monk if they had a doorman.

“We don’t have a doorman,” the monk said.

“Who safeguards the place then?” the mother asked doubtfully.

“Safeguards? Oh, we have Little Tiger!” the monk replied.

The old woman froze as soon as she heard the mention of “Little Tiger.” That was the nickname of her deceased son!

Anxiously she asked: “Where?”

“There… that dog,” said the monk, pointing.

She rushed to where Little Tiger was. When the dog saw her, tears rolled down his face. The woman and the dog instantly recognized each other and hugged for a long time.

She never would of imagined that her son would reincarnate as a dog, and strangely enough be given the same name!

Edited by Kathy McWilliams

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