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Would You Swim With This ‘Godzilla?’

A six-foot-long iguana has been filmed off the coast of the Galapagos Islands, South America, with the mega-beast being dubbed, “Godzilla.”

Steve Winkworth, at Cabo Marshall, shot this amazing footage near the Galapagos Island of Isabela. “Godzilla” can be seen eating algae from a rock, and then it swims right by Winkworth on its way to the surface for air.

The behemoth iguana then dives back down into the crystal waters, using its huge tail to propel itself deeper into the ocean. The video has quickly gained a global audience, with over 600,000 views on YouTube after it was posted on Reddit earlier in the week with the title: “Tiny Godzilla nomming on things underwater.”

The monster lizards are more commonly know as marine iguana, and are only found on the Galapagos Islands. They can dive 30 feet below the surface of the water, and are the only lizards that forage in the ocean.

While they may look at home in the water, they still need to surface for air, and also need to bask in the sun to warm their bodies. While the video has been received with great enthusiasm, one Reddit user wrote:

While another said:

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Troy Oakes
Troy was born and raised in Australia and has always wanted to know why and how things work, which led him to his love for science. He is a professional photographer and enjoys taking pictures of Australia's beautiful landscapes. He is also a professional storm chaser where he currently lives in Hervey Bay, Australia.

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