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What Do You Get When You Mix Tai Chi With Water? Ai Chi

The Oriental art of Ai Chi uses similar techniques to Tai Chi, such as deep breathing, posture awareness, and slow movements, except in chest-deep water. The result is a relaxation technique for stress, mobility, and rehabilitation of both mind and body.

Watch Jun Konno, creator and Master trainer of Ai Chi, demonstrate a tranquil progression of movements in this video. You can see why this is such a powerful aqua-therapy, as it links Eastern and Western wisdom, and can be practiced anywhere where there is still water:

Many health benefits

Aqua therapists who use Ai Chi in their instruction most commonly report improvements in flexibility and core strength. This assists in the stabilization of the trunk and with pain management of the back, hips, and shoulders, since water reduces swelling in the joints.

These exercises are ideal for people needing gentle, slow, and supported movements to build strength.

It is suitable for people in post-surgery, women in post-partum, the elderly, those recovering from stroke, those with balance deficits, and those undergoing rehabilitation.

Being submerged in chest-high water reportedly improves the consumption of oxygen by up to 25 per cent. Blood circulation is improved, as well as metabolism — increasing caloric consumption.

Ai chi helps to redevelop flexibility and strength in the core. (Image: Screenshot/Youtube)
With it’s gentle twisting movements, Ai Chi helps redevelop flexibility and strength. (Image: Screenshot/YouTube)

In the mental and spiritual realm, Ai Chi is highly recommended for those seeking a complimentary and natural path away from mental and emotional strain. The types of people can include those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, fatigue, anxiety, and workplace stress.

With consistent practice, Ai Chi can help improve the quality of sleep, liver efficiency, mobility, and kinaesthetic sense, which is our perception of movement.

Ailments, such as headaches and migraines, poor digestion, backaches, and stiffness, will begin to ease and become less of an affliction. Other chronic health problems, such as cardiovascular and respiratory problems, may also lessen.

Attention on the inner world

There is a Japanese saying: “Willow does not break under weight of snow,” as its nature is flexible, pliant, and strong. The same principle is applied in Ai Chi, where movements are flowing and flexible, making the mind quiet as attention is turned inward in a non-judgmental way. Focus and mental alertness is increased, causing the mind  to be less swayed by emotion.

Gentle exercises in water are ideal for people who are in rehabilitation. (Image: Screenshot/Youtube)
Gentle exercises in water are ideal for people who are in rehabilitation. (Image: Screenshot/Youtube)

Through the repetition of these simple actions, the mind will naturally move from restlessness to a state of calm. Spiritual energy will then begin to flow, bringing a sense of oneness with the universe, and a heightened sense of peace and belonging.

Complimentary therapy

Ai Chi provides a wonderful activity that supports a vast array of medical treatments, and rehabilitations. It not only helps to re-balance the body’s entire physical system, it nurtures the mental and emotional self — which will make a marked difference to all forms of healing.

The writer of this story is not a medical professional, and the information that is in this story has been collected from reliable sources — and every precaution has been taken to ensure its accuracy. The information provided is for general information purposes only, and should not be substituted for professional health care.

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