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Mom Sings ‘Halelujah’ When Baby Finally Goes to Sleep

A parent’s job is never easy, particularly during the early years. However, it is actually the relentless lack of sleep and late nights that really wear you down.

When your little bundle of joy finally drifts off to sleep, after crying for an hour, you might catch yourself silently mouthing a ‘hallelujah’ even if you’ve never used that word before.

The mess never seems to end with little ones! (Image: kona99/flickr)
It’s only because they are so cute that they can get away with so much! (Image: kona99/Flickr)

Mother Shannon Abbott sings her rendition of the beautiful ballad Hallelujah, capturing all the hard and comical parts of parenthood.

This mom doesn’t just write funny songs, she has a surprisingly beautiful voice too:

One YouTube viewer left a comment under this video saying: “You could sing your grocery list and it would be beautiful…” — indeed!

Shannon recently made another video of her rendition of the Beatles song Yesterday, this time backed with a guitar:

In this version, she reflects on how easy some days can be, and how so incredibly difficult others can be, where getting out of the front door is nothing short of a miracle. How do we do it? Why do we do it?

It must be love, love, love!

Such a precious time, despite the hardship. (Image: oksidor/flickr)
Such a precious time, despite the hardship. (Image: oksidor/Flickr)

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