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Has the Nazi ‘Gold Train’ Finally Been Found?

Toward the end of World War II, there was a Nazi German train rumored to have gone missing. It is said to have been carrying gold, gems, and guns, and was trying to escape the advancing Soviet forces.

Now, two men have filed a claim that could end the 70-year-old mystery.

Local authorities from Poland’s southwestern district of Walbrzych have said that they have been contacted by a law firm that is representing two men, who believe that they have found the train, but will not give up its location until it’s agreed that they will receive 10 percent of the value of any findings.

“This is a find of world significance, on a par with [discovering] the Titanic,” said Jarosław Chmielewski, the lawyer who has written to the parish council on the men’s behalf, to Radio Wroclaw.

Local news site Wiadomości Wałbrzyskie said the train contained up to 300 tons of gold, as well as a batch of diamonds, other gems, and industrial equipment. The men said that only after they have secured their fee in writing will they reveal the whereabouts of the train, The Guardian wrote.

Nazi Gold Train Location Revealed:

According to Business Insider, two men have filed a “finder’s claim” with a district council in Poland for an “armored train” carrying precious metals, fueling speculation that the mysterious train has been located.

The council has confirmed receipt of the letter by publishing a copy on the local news portal. Local media have also reported that meetings between representatives of the police, fire brigade, and military have taken place. Experts are warning that the train could be full of explosives, and could even have been mined. A police spokeswoman told Polish TV station TVN24 said: “We are on alert should we need to take any specific security measures.”

Men claim to have found Nazi-era train filled with gold:


Marika Tokarska, an official at the Walbrzych district council, told Reuters: “Lawyers, the army, the police, and the fire brigade are dealing with this; the area has never been excavated before, and we don’t know what we might find.”

Local legend says that the train went missing in 1945, and was packed with what was seized from the then eastern German city of Breslau, which is now called Wroclaw and is part of Poland. The train belonged to the Wehrmacht (Nazi Germany’s military), and is to be believed to have been fully armored. The legend then goes on to say that the train had entered a tunnel near the Ksiaz Castle, which is in the mountainous Lower Silesian region, and never emerged again, the tunnel was later closed and its location long forgotten.

According to local media reports, the two claimants, a Pole and a German, have said that they have found a 500-foot long “armored train” with gun platforms and a cargo of “precious metals.”

Whether this is true or not, it must be remembered that the Third Reich had dug miles of tunnels in the southwest mountains in what is known as one of the biggest construction projects in its history.

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