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Earth to Feet: Short- and Long-Term Benefits of Barefoot Walking

Ponca Native American Standing Bear once shared, Man’s heart away from nature becomes hard.

It is indeed true that being close to nature quietens your heart and mind, and allows a greater capacity for compassion, patience, and resilience. When taking a barefoot walk at sunset, I feel my rushing mind become still, and I enjoy the returning clarity of who I am.

Walking barefoot does literally ‘ground’ you.

Foregoing shoes, or Earthing, is one of the best ways to get your daily fix of nature. We know that walking in nature is good for your health, and this is even more so when you go barefoot!

How quickly does grounding affect your body?

Barefoot science

When your feet make contact with the Earth’s surface, negatively charged electrons are absorbed through your foot’s sole directly, causing your whole body to equalize to the Earth’s energy—which is stabilizing, balancing, and healing for your body’s entire system.

A barefoot twilight walk will help to calm your mind, helping things to return to 'rightness' (Image:wikipedia)
A barefoot twilight walk will help to calm your mind, helping things to return to ‘rightness.’ (Image: Wikipedia)

Being exposed to the Earth’s electrical current has marked positive effects of your health, such as anti-inflammatory effects, blood thinning effects, lowered cortisol levels (stress), and lowered incidence of general pain in the body.

There is a scientific explanation and studies on why walking barefoot feels so good, although we don’t necessarily need to know why that is to simply enjoy time in nature.

All we need to know is that nature is simply invaluable to our health, and we should remember to connect with this infinite source of inspiration, calm, and wisdom daily.

If you did this, you would probably find that you had less need for modern medicine, and would be more aware of your innate power to improve your own well-being.

The longs and shorts of earthing

1 second

  • Your muscle tension immediately drops, as well as any muscle pain you may be experiencing.
  •  Your brain waves experience a shift.

5 minutes

  • Your organs experience a positive change as they begin to vibrate with the Earth’s energy.
  • Your blood viscosity changes and becomes thinner; this is what aspirin does.
  • Your circulation improves.
  • Your blood is more oxygenated.
  • Your blood pressure normalizes.
  • Your blood sugar levels are stabilized.

Kick your shoes off for a few minutes, or longer, a day and feel the earth (Image:Flickr)
Kick your shoes off for a few minutes or longer a day and feel the Earth. (Image: Flickr)

8 hours

  • The indicators of osteoporosis are dramatically turned down.
  • Your mineral levels are balanced.
  • Your thyroid function improves.
  • Your cortisol (stress) levels are lowered.

Several days

  • You are more adaptable to life’s ups and downs.
  • You will recover more quickly from mental and emotional stress.
  • Your body recovers faster from physical strain and injury.
  • Your body is less likely to develop inflammation and suffer diseases related to inflammation.

Bare-feet on the pavement, why not? (Image:Keith Chastain/flickr)
Bare feet on the pavement, why not? (Image: Keith Chastain/flickr)

Several years

Scientists anticipate seeing anti-aging, anti-cancer, and anti-dementia benefits from long-term grounding.

Dr. Koniver said: “There is no time too short or too long to be connected to the Earth.”

Laura Koniver, M.D’s take away message is that we should never underestimate the physiological effects from grounding ourselves to the earth for even one moment.

With bare feet, you not only see nature, you feel it. (Image:flickr)
With bare feet, you not only see nature, you feel it. (Image: flickr)

Kahlil Gibran said: “Forget not that the Earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.”

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