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Justin Martin Arrested for Being Involved in Police Shoot-Out

Justin Martin, a former child actor who appeared alongside Zac Efron in High School Musical 3 Senior Year, has been arrested after allegedly being involved in a shoot-out with the Boston police.

TMZ reported that Boston PD… officers on patrol heard gunfire, and when they arrived on scene… they say Martin and another man were armed and running away. The cops started chasing, and Boston PD says Martin turned and pointed his gun without firing, but his cohort did open fire. Officers fired back, and did not hit Martin… but they managed to chase him down, and while arresting him, recovered a .22 caliber pistol. A second armed male suspect was also busted when he approached cops and Martin. Martin was booked for unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, and carrying a loaded firearm—and 2 counts of assault by means of a dangerous weapon, TMZ added.

High School Musical 3: Senior Year—Justin Martin “Donny Dion” premiere interview:

According to the Boston Police Department, Zac Efron’s former costar, 21, was observed running down the street in Dorchester with a gun in his hand. After police chased him down, Martin turned and pointed the gun at the police while a second suspect began to fire multiple times.

Us Weekly said on its website: “The release notes that officers fired at Martin, but did not strike him.

After getting Martin to the ground, officers recovered a loaded .22 caliber handgun.

“While police placed him in custody, the second unidentified male approached the officers with a loaded .25 caliber handgun. He was later detained and placed in custody.”

It is not clear what started the shoot-out, but Martin’s mother had told TMZ that she will attempt to bail her son out after his court appearance.

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