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How Did This Young Man Finish His Degree After Falling Into a Coma?

Do you know why this Taiwanese student received a prize from President Ma Ying-jeou at the graduation ceremony on June 19? Well, his story might bring you to tears.

Yang Hongmeng was a student at the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, who fell into a coma after a serious car accident in the summer when he was about to start his junior year in college.

His family called his name every day, trying to wake him up. A miracle happened three months later, and he regained consciousness. Yang recalled his experience, and said that he did hear them, but just couldn’t respond or even open his eyes then, according to Chinese Vision Times.

Although it was difficult for Yang to even take a step, he insisted on going back to school three years later.

But due to brain damage, left limb weakness, and respiratory failure, Yang had language difficulties, and relied on others to help him with basically everything.

He needed to use walking frames in order to walk to class. But even with the walking frames, it took 10 or even 20 times longer for him to complete the journey to the classroom. However, living his dream of finishing school became the driving force that motivated him to work even harder on his rehabilitation efforts.

Yang’s parents took turns accompanying him to school, took down notes for him, and went to rehabilitation with him. Yang worked very hard, doing as much exercise as possible. And he has progressed a lot since then.

The school also provided hardware assistance, and allowed him to take his tests and exams orally, with his dad writing everything down on his behalf. Yang finished his degree in two years as planned, and has been admitted to the graduate school of agribusiness.

Yang and his parents. (Image: cna.com.tw)

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