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Internet’s Sensational ‘How Ridiculous’ Break Their Own World Record

There is no other way to describe what these guys do, other than ridiculous. Scott, Kyle, Brett, and Derek are the four guys who are the Internet sensations “How Ridiculous.” They started off just like any other groups of guys, getting together and recording themselves doing crazy basketball shots around their homes, and uploading it to YouTube.

The moment they broke their own world record. Image: Screenshot/YouTube.
The moment they broke their own world record. (Screenshot/YouTube.)

Since 2009, they have done some crazy shots from all the big buildings around their hometown of Perth, Australia. They have conquered Patersons Stadium, The Swan Bell Tower, The Narrows Bridge, the Raffles Apartment building, and one of the WACA Light Towers, as well as many others.

After that, they decided to go international and broke the world record for the highest basketball shot of 293 feet (91.1 meters) from the Euromast, Rotterdam.

Watch their previous world record at Euromast:

How Ridiculous have broken their own world record in Australia at Tasmania’s Gordon Dam at a height of 415 feet.

I have to say, when I was watching it on Sunday Night when they were practicing, I really didn’t think they could do it, but they proved me wrong.

Watch them break their own world record at Tasmania’s Gordon Dam.

The guys don’t just do basketball shots; they also do trick shots with AFL footballs, frisbees, boomerangs, Waboba balls, and golf balls.

And as much fun as they are having doing this, the guys are also doing it for a good cause.  They support the international not-for-profit organization “Compassion,” which helps release children from poverty.

What a great thing these guys are doing; makes me pretty proud to be an Australian.

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