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Did You Know That Hunger Triggers Longevity?

Japanese research has found that if one delays eating for an hour after first feeling hungry, the “longevity gene” will be triggered. This gene has a powerful effect on repairing the body.

Other researchers have found that a degree of hunger is one of the most essential factors in promoting longevity.

Many diseases are related to overeating.

When your stomach and spleen are constantly working without any rest, they begin to degrade.

Diabetes, hypertension, heart, kidney and liver problems, paralysis, and dementia are all closely related to overeating. Hunger is a way to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Current medical research has shown that cancer cells quickly die after 3-5 days of fasting and drinking only water.

The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, a book from ancient China, says that one must “eat in a controlled manner” in order to maintain health and gain longevity. It also says that too much seasoning on one’s food can cause harm to the internal organs, while smoking and drinking will dissipate one’s energy. In many ancient Chinese medical classics, overeating and too much meat in the diet are considered “the diet that rots the digestive tract.” Modern medicine has known for years that drinking and smoking cause many serious and fatal diseases. To avoid these health problems, you should watch what you eat and try going hungry occasionally.

Translated research by Hsin-Yi and Kathy 

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