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Artist Shows Us Animals With Their Environments Inside Them, So Daoist

As soon as you look at these images of wild animals, you see the beautiful wilderness they belong in also belongs in them. Perhaps the artist didn’t mean to be philosophical, but this is very reminiscent of Daoist theories.

Daoists say inside the human body is an entire universe. They say rivers, mountains, and worlds exist in microscopic realms inside our bodies.

Nature in the deer. (Image: Andreas Lie/Instagram)
Nature in the deer. (Image: Andreas Lie/Instagram)

Perhaps looking at it differently, the art leads me to reflect on the reflective nature of water. We are all made almost entirely of water, as are animals. Perhaps microscopically, our surroundings are reflected within us, like a mirror?

The images take my thoughts to the connection wild animals, and our ancestors, have had to the land, and the instincts that earthy connection gives. Landscapes and rivers imprinted in our brains, in our hearts, in our veins. We are as much nature as the trees in the forest, as the stars in the sky.

Andreas Lie is a Norwegian visual artist. In his creations he uses the technique of double exposure. His work is all for sale, here. Still a student, this little rush of attention online is pretty exciting.

Nature in the bison, or buffalo. (Image: Andreas Lie/Instagram)
Nature in the bison, or buffalo. (Image: Andreas Lie/Instagram)

“My work has gone kind of viral online the last couple of days! The exposure has been crazy. Bad timing as I’m in the middle of my exam period now, so I won’t be as active here (on Instagram) the next 3-4 four weeks. Anyway, if you want to order from me remember to use the link in my bio to get free shipping. Have a nice day.”

I love these works, they are simple yet complex, yet I do have a word of advice for Andreas. It looks like some of the animals are exhibits in a museum. I would go the extra mile to always source photos of living animals, as it will change the energy of the artwork, fostering a deeper connection for the viewer.

One more way Andreas’s art inspires in me… it awakens the urge for some hiking in nature. Winter has been long, and some fresh air and mountain views are needed. Hopefully, I won’t encroach on any wolves or bears.

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