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New York City’s 4 Most Noticeable Attractions in Still Photos

No it’s not Rockefeller Center, the Empire State Building, Central Park or anything of the sort. These are the mundane, everyday things you’ll see. To be fair, NYC has more than just these 4 things, but not much more.

NYC boils down to these 4 things.

Doorways to the many old, beautiful brownstone houses that you often see in Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn can leave you fantasizing about what’s inside. Oh yes, believe they’re pricey, but that’s what you pay for a doorway to another reality.

The ubiquitous NYC brownstone. (Ynon Lan/Vimeo)

Seeing still photographs of dirty taxi cabs makes me think of some of the things I don’t miss about being in NYC. You usually have to jump out of the way of speeding cabs. And if you’re driving, you gotta be 10x more alert as they dart in and out of traffic like they are made of titanium.

And yes, NYC is all about people walking fast, rushing here and there. It’s just like the taxi cabs. If you walk slow, you’ll likely get pushed or knocked down. But it’s all good exercise, and the people around you are focused on being somewhere and getting something done. It’s something to learn from, lazy bones.

rushing people
Something there is no shortage of in NYC. (Lnon Yan/Vimeo)

I never realized just how many Starbucks dot the cityscape until I moved out the city. In NYC there are Starbucks of all shapes and sizes. It’s like, the #1 place to cram into and read, study, socialize, or work online, so I guess it makes sense to flash a series of Starbucks logos and nothing more. You can’t get away from them anyhow.

This video series of still photos is all someone’s first impression upon visiting NYC, but it’s also pretty accurately my impression having lived there for so long. Is it good or bad? Is it even real?

Starbucks, the prime tourist destination of NYC. (Ynon Lan/Vimeo)


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