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This Woman Needs Help From Emergency Services… With a Spoon (Video)

Watch out if you’re taking a shower in China! Besides slipping and falling on the floor, there’s something even worse that could happen.

Well, this is a crazy story but not that funny for the woman it happened to in Guangxi Province.

In the footage, captured recently during the rescue, two firemen can be seen using a special tool to break the drain and carefully release the woman’s ankle.

Instead of breaking up the toilet with heavy equipment, they decided to use a secret weapon…

A spoon! So as not to harm the poor woman’s foot.

Turns out she slipped while taking a shower, and her left foot got lodged in the squat toilet. Fortunately, she escaped the ordeal without any serious injuries, according to Liberty Times.

So be careful next time you’re in bathrooms. You definitely don’t want to get into this kind of trouble.


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