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This Isn’t a Scene From a Horror Movie—It Happened in Real Life (Graphic Photos)

A thin, gaunt woman looked out from a messy and dark room, almost naked, and buried in debris and garbage. You might not believe it, but this happened recently in China.

24-year-old Zhang Qi was kept in this dark dirty shed for over five years. (Image: Weibo.com)
24-year-old Zhang Qi was kept in this dark dirty shed for over five years. (Image: Weibo.com)

The photos of this emaciated sick girl have drawn society’s attention since they were posted on Weibo on Feb. 23. Many bloggers that claimed to be the girl’s classmates and neighbors started to explain what had happened to the poor girl.

(Image: Weibo.com)
Unbelievably, Zhang had to live in this squalor for over five years. (Image: Weibo.com)

The shed window was blocked up. (Image: 163.com)
The shed window was blocked up. (Image: 163.com)

Her name is Zhang Qi, and she was born in 1991 in Hubei Province. She lived with her parents, grandparents, and little brother whom the parents loved more and had spoiled him, according to BackChina.

Zhang became pregnant when she was 18, but was unmarried. Her parents couldn’t deal with it, and forced her to have an abortion, which caused her a lot of mental pain so she sometimes had manic episodes.

Her parents then locked her up in the shed, worrying that her unstable emotions would affect her brother.

Although it was reported multiple times, local police did not do anything about it for five years. And apparently the parents rejected media wanting to interview the girl.

Many kind-hearted people went to the home to try and help her out. Fortunately, after a few hours of negotiation with her parents and local authorities, Zhang was finally released and sent to a hospital on Feb.25, according to news.163.com.

People trying to help her out. (Image: news.163.com)

Zhang is in a hospital now. (Image: news.163.com)

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