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Iceland: A Breathtaking Place to Travel

Iceland is one of the most breathtaking places that you could possibly visit. Planning a trip there isn’t too hard either. Check out this epic video to get you excited to plan your trip, read our trip guide to find out more about when to travel and what to do once you’re there.

A stunning waterfall view from Iceland. Image: Screenshot/Vimeo
A stunning waterfall view from Iceland. (Image: Vimeo)

Breath taking views are only part of the attraction to visiting Iceland. Image: Screenshot/Vimeo
Breath taking views are only part of the attraction to visiting Iceland. (Image: Vimeo)

Iceland is full of activities for any kind of traveler. Depending on the time of year you can hike or ice climb. The natural scenery is amazing—you can even enjoy whale watching, soaking in geothermal hot pools, and a great view of the Northern Lights.

Iceland does have a reputation to be a bit pricey, but there’s a bunch of guides out there to help you save on cost.

Plus for a once in a lifetime trip what’s a few extra bucks?

What to do there:

Iceland in summer. (Image: Vimeo)
Iceland in summer. (Image: Vimeo)

The best time to visit this beautiful place is in the peak tourist season which runs from mid-June through August.

That’s the easiest time weather wise as you won’t be bombarded with winter winds and strange daylight hours (only 4-6 hours of light in winter). Also, most of the adventure trips and tours end after September so you’d want to visit before they close if you want to see some of the country’s main attractions.

Winters are quite wet in Iceland. Roads in the hinterlands are often closed from October to May. September is the month where precipitation starts to increase with frequent storms and hard rain (which you don’t want to get caught in).

Even though Iceland is located right below the Arctic circle temperatures are cool in summer and not too bad in winter. Even if temperatures aren’t too extreme the overcast, rain, and fog mean you should pack your rainy day gear no matter when you go.

Stunning mountain views from high above the ground. Image: Screenshot/Vimeo.
Stunning mountain views from high above the ground.
(Image: Vimeo)


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