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China’s State Internet Information Office Censors Photo of Itself!

This picture was recently deleted by Internet police after it was circulated on Sina Weibo with the following comment:

“Isn’t this the legendary secret office which got Google out of China so quickly, Mark Zuckerberg to learn Xi Jinping’s writings so eagerly, popular bloggers and bigshots so terrified?”

“If this is a secret government office, is its director Lu Wei the stern punisher who keeps running without a glitch but goes through masses of subordinates?”

Top Internet regulator Lu Wei recently visited the Facebook headquarters in California, and was shown around by chief executive Mark Zuckerberg. State media promoted a photo of Lu with Zuckerberg and Party leader Xi Jinping‘s new book of speeches, showing Zuckerberg kowtowing to the regime.

This office has immense power, and even celebrities and wealthy Chinese are afraid of it. Not long ago, restrictions were tightened on the blogs of Tencent, Sina, and some other websites using the excuse that they had published pornography.

Lu Wei has employed many people to monitor Sina Weibo 24 hours a day, and delete anything negative about the government,

or even arrest bloggers for being outspoken about the truth.

When Google wouldn’t cooperate with this office, it was driven out of China. However, Facebook is toeing the Party line, and Zuckerberg even recommended Xi Jinping’s book to his colleagues at Facebook.

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Monica Song
Born and bred in China, Mona keeps an ever watchful  eye the Chinese news headlines that are worth translating into English for Vision Times readers.

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