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How Many of These ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic ‘Word Crimes’ Do You Commit?

Do you know what a dangling participle is? A split infinitive? A gerund? A homophone? Conjugation? You say you’ve never even heard of these?

Did you flunk English? Did your teacher flunk English? Do you think grammar is the old lady you visit at Christmas?

Do u think letters r words?

Then you definitely need to watch this “Weird Al” video about all the “word crimes” you commit that drive other people crazy. It seems people are becoming completely illiterate, and “Weird Al” is out to put an end to that in a catchy and funny way.

But seriously, things have become so bad that there are even schools that allow students to fill out their assignments and exams using SMS text English. U no what I mean?

At this rate, books are in danger of becoming a thing of the past, as nobody will have the literary skills to even write a book.

So how many of these “word crimes” do you commit every day?


John Andress
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