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This Underwear Thief’s Collection Is Gigantic, Just How Many Are There?

Can you imagine a man hiding this much lingerie at home? What on earth was he going to do with them all?

Female residents at Kaixuan Century Plaza in Yulin, Guangxi Province, noticed that many items of their underwear were disappearing recently.

When reviewing the footage of surveillance cameras, they realized that the pervert was none other than their neighbor, a Mr. Tang, who is in his thirties. They called in the cops and the pilferer was caught.

The biggest surprise, however, was revealed when police searched the building.

They found a huge collection of lady’s undergarments—over 2,000 pieces—in the ceiling space above the stairwell that Tang had collected for more than five months. Turns out he had a master key, and could sneak into women’s apartments while they were out.

Tang’s booty was so massive that some of the ceiling panels had even collapsed under the weight of it all, and were dropping down like bizarre rain onto the investigator’s head.

Apparently Tang claimed to have a mental illness, and then admitted that he has been obsessed with women’s underwear since he was a little boy.

The underwear thief’s booty was so heavy that some of the ceiling panels collapsed. (Image: Weibo)

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