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New Music Video Asks ‘What Kind of Man’ Is Asian Pop King Jay Chou

Jay Chou, one of Asia’s most popular artists and perennial holder of the title “Mandopop King,” is back! A full two years after his last release, Jay Chou returns with a new album, titled, Aiyo, Bu Cuo O (Hey, Not Bad).

Jay Chou - Aiyo, Bu Cuo O
Jay Chou’s new album: Aiyo, Bu Cuo O. (Image: wodexiaohudie.blogspot.com.ar/)

What Kind Of Man is the latest single. Jay headed to Italy to shoot the video in February of this year. If you’re wondering who that pretty woman is, it’s actress Ariel Lin, star of Prince of Lan Ling.

Ariel got engaged this past October on her 32nd birthday, but not to Jay Chou. She’s set to marry a guy who owns a sports equipment business in California. And rumor has it that Mr. Chou is also about to enter a new stage in life very soon, when he weds his girlfriend, Hannah Quinlivan.

When Ariel was asked about Jay’s character, she said: “Jay is a very ambitious, very capable person.”

And what do you think? What kind of man is it that doesn’t fight for love, and let’s it walk away, like in the music video? Be sure to watch the video with the closed captions on, so you can follow the English subtitles.

Also check out some behind the scenes action:

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