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Whose Kidneys Did Mao Zedong’s English Teacher Steal?

This blog post was recently “harmonized” on Sina Weibo, China’s answer to Twitter.

It’s about a woman called Zhang Hanzhi who helped Chairman Mao learn English, and later got involved in shady deals involving life and death.

She joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1971, and worked as U.S. President Richard Nixon’s interpreter when he visited the mainland in 1972.

Zhang became a top official in the Chinese Communist Party, and needed a kidney transplant twice in 1995 and 2002, before she died in 2008.

Conveniently a young farmer called Nie Shubin was in prison at the time Zhang first needed a transplant, and it turned out he was a match as a donor. He was wrongfully executed without a proper trial, and his father only found out he was dead when he tried to visit him in prison. Years later, another man confessed to the crime that Nie was accused of.

The censored post goes on to say: “In fact, once a match is found, there are often cases that don’t call for the death penalty, but offenders are executed anyway for organ harvesting. Hong Kong top officials, “patriotic” Chinese overseas, Chinese officials and their families are the privileged groups who can ask for blood tests to be carried out in prison for matching.

Once found, even minor offenders will be sentenced to death. It’s an open secret.

Hong Kong’s Apple Daily published an article on Dec. 14 about Zhang Hanzhi sourcing a kidney from someone in prison, and her daughter did not deny the news.

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The censored post. (Image: HKU)
The censored post. (Image: HKU)

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