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Tasty Wholefood Comfort Food for the Soul and the Body Too

Craving a little comfort food? Which would you choose from? Fresh fruit, or an ice cream cake? Your taste buds might opt for that freezer-box ice-cream cake favorite because of habit, even though the preservatives and additives in it are far from comforting, but what if I tell you you can get the comforting foods you are used to without the toxic ingredients?

According to author Helmut Taferner, the ready-made treats that have long been marketed as traditional spirit lifters may very well be draining you of your last reserves of energy. That’s why he now presents a selection of recipes that are good for your soul, and for your body too.

Earth Essence: Wholefood Comfort food offers 23 mouth-watering recipes with whole foods as their core ingredients.

When you enjoy fresh fare that has been grown naturally, has not been processed, and contains no artificial ingredients, you will not only gratify your taste buds, but you may even attain a deeper sense of well-being.

With these recipes you will not only gratify your taste buds, you will attain a deeper sense of well-being.

Delight your palate with easy-to-prepare dishes that fuse Western and Asian flavors, including prawn croquettes, pork dumplings, mango and linguini salad, and dessert pumpkin puree. A delectable new take on comfort food, this groundbreaking, satisfying roster of recipes comes together as a wholly good way to savor every bite.


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