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Hong Kong’s Spirit is Blossoming Everywhere, Even in the Toughest Places

Trust me, it’s no big deal seeing symbols like this in other parts of the world, but the people who organized these pictures are risking their lives.

Because of the Umbrella Revolution, it’s a common to see yellow ribbons and umbrellas everywhere in Hong Kong and around the world. But can you imagine what would it be like to call for democracy in Beijing?

Recently, Dash posted two sets of photos on Facebook, showing people in mainland China supporting the Hong Kong protests.

One was taken at the most “sensitive” place: Tiananmen Square. The photographer took pictures of her hand holding a yellow rubber bracelet that said: “I want true democracy.”

The other two are at China’s iconic tourist spot: The Great Wall. We see people holding a yellow umbrella, and in one of them a yellow banner is pasted on the wall nearby.

Many Facebook users praised their bravery while reminding them to be careful.

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