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Terrorists Want to Blow Up Movie Theaters That Show ‘The Interview’

The distant threats from North Korea about showing James Franco and Seth Rogen’s new film have become vivid and real. Movie theaters have begun pulling the film and cancelling premieres ahead of its Christmas Day release.

'The Interview'
‘The Interview’ is causing so much controversy. Theaters are cancelling, Sony is getting hacked, and terrorist threats abound. (Image: “The Interview 2014 poster” by https://twitter.com/evandgoldberg/status/476860995709579264. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia)

Sony Pictures is supportive, but local theaters in the United States, and in countries within striking distance to North Korea are all running scared and leaving the movie stranded. Sony’s computer systems have already been compromised by these cyber terrorists/real life terrorists, and is running on one leg after the release of tons of private company information and personal emails.

The film depicts two goofy Americans journalists that are hired to assassinate North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. It’s the first movie ever about assassinating a standing world leader. It’s a bold step, but with Kim Jong-un’s notorious brutality, and North Korea’s closed, suffocating government, he brought it on himself. How could dissenting views not voice openly? And especially, how could they not voice loudly in the United States? Especially with recent struggles to release Americans unjustly imprisoned in North Korea.

North Korea’s earlier threats against this film were laughed at and ignored, as people sometimes ignore temperamental dictators. But recent emails referenced the creation of more September 11th style terrorists attacks. That hit a button which sent theaters closing down operations.

Will North Korea get what it wants, stifle creativity, and control art in America?Will a dictator feel he can employ threats of violence to combat criticism overseas, just like he does in his own country? Will America let North Korea control Americans?

Will America let North Korean terrorism stifle criticism and cut creativity?

Or will the people in the United States stand up for art and exemplify free speech, and set an example for North Korea and repressive regimes anywhere.

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