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China’s Concubines: ‘Mistress Villages’ Thriving in California

Young Chinese women are reportedly taking over wealthy districts near Los Angeles thanks to their wealthy patrons, who are either officials in the Chinese Communist Party or rich mainland businessmen.

A photo series accompanying the story was published by Sina News and 163.com, but then later deleted. However, it can still be accessed on Hong Kong website Wen Wei Po.

Known as “ernaicun” in Mandarin, these “mistress villages” are prevalent in Rowland Heights and Arcadia, where filthy rich Chinese men apparently buy deluxe properties using suitcases packed with cash.

Chinese bloggers commented heavily on the news:

  • “That’s why those corrupt officials spend money: To have their ‘ernai’ live a luxurious life. What about those poor peasants whose land has been taken away? Nobody cares about them. The corrupt officials enjoy their rotten life. It’s like what the famous Tang Dynasty poet Dupu said in his poem: ‘Rich dine with wine and  bumptious food, while people die of hunger on the side of road.’ That’s a vivid picture of today’s China.”
  • “What a shame for China not to spread traditional Chinese civilization, but send out those people and make Western countries corrupt. Shame on the Party which always brags about being glorious, while greatly deceiving people.”
  • “In China, it’s said 95% of officials have a mistress. How can they afford to? They have dirty money from bribes or many other channels. The mistress village isn’t just in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, or Macau. Now it’s come to Western countries. It’s not surprising corrupt officials send money out to a safe place. But sooner or later their good days will end.”
  • “Now China has signed an agreement to deal with those corrupt officials whose money is abroad. Even if they run away, they’ll be arrested once they are exposed. China and Western countries will track down those official’s money. So those mistresses will be a target. They won’t enjoy life as before. Like the Chinese saying: When the time comes, you will eat your own bitter fruits.”

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