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Funny Video: Chinese and Indians Just Can’t Work Together

Take a look at this funny video and you’ll understand why Chinese and Indians can never do business together.

This video of Russell Peters was posted a few years ago and went viral online. He believes Chinese and Indian people are not compatible because:

  • Indians cannot live without a bargain, and Chinese people cannot give away a bargain.
  • The Chinese objective is to get every penny, and the Indian one is keep every penny.

Then he shared a interesting story with the audience. Once he went to a Chinese mall and saw a purse. He asked the seller to lower the price from $35 to $30. The seller refused but not by simply saying “no.” According to Russell, Chinese people will never tell you “no.”

They will tell the longest “no” you’ve ever heard in your life like you’ve just said the most ridiculous thing

“Nooooooooooo! Noooooooooo! I can’t give you $30. If I sell you $30, today you come, tomorrow I close down,” the Chinese vendor responded.

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