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Internet Police Keep Clamps on News of Worker Strike in China

Hundreds of workers at a Guangdong shoe factory went on strike to fight for their rights after the management enforced changes to their contract terms.

This image of 2,500 staffers demonstrating outside the Panyu Li De shoe factory was deleted on Sina Weibo by censors wanting to keep the news quiet.

The workers spent the weekend of Dec. 6-7 protesting against the company’s change of contract terms by force, and defaults in paying social insurance, and housing accumulation funds.

Management was reluctant to yield, but agreed to a partial compensation. However, some workers still went on strike because not all eight items of their request were addressed.

There was a rumor that the factory would relocate, taking away local resident’s source of income. Management then forced workers to sign new contracts without settling their social insurance and house accumulation fund that people had earned through years of service.

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