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Human Rights Activist ‘Shocked’ at CIA Torture Report

The U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee’s summary report of the CIA’s interrogations and detention techniques is causing huge waves both inside and outside of the government.

The 535-page release is part of a redacted version of a longer 6,700 classified report.

The report has not cast the CIA in a flattering light. The use of torture methods such as water boarding, sleep deprivation, forced feeding, shutting detainees in coffins, and death threats were all used on a seemingly regular basis by CIA interrogators.

Moreover, only one in five detainees even met the CIA’s own standards of who should be held. Not to mention the report detailed that the torture did not help get any significant information about possible terror plots and did not save American lives, which the CIA previously lied about.

John Sifton, advocacy director at Human Rights Watch, has been doing research into CIA interrogation methods for years and didn’t think he could be shocked by the report, but he was. Sifton wrote:

‘Having spent years investigating the abuses detailed by the committee, I did not think it was possible to still be shocked by the CIA – but it is.’

Sifton goes on to say that the report should push President Obama to prosecute those responsible for these acts.

What do you think? Was the CIA just doing their job to protect American lives, or did they go too far?

If the report detailed even one single instance where American lives were saved by torture would opinions around the techniques be different?

Maybe we should think about what we have a problem with as the American public, do we have a problem with the methods or the results?

See the above video for a quick overview of the report. 

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