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Watch Out for Jerk Thieving Monkeys When You’re Traveling (Video)

This is a serious warning for people traveling in countries with monkeys (and other various small ape like creatures) living in close proximity to humans. It is common for monkeys and baboons to attack humans too, mostly trying to steal from you.

Monkeys are trouble
Monkeys theiving off tourists in Bali is very common, close your bags, and put any loose items in it. (Screenshot/Youtube)

Often they’re looking for food…they’ll run up to you. At first you might think, “Oh how cute,” or “How interesting.” But they are going to jump on you and grab your hand-bag, purse, sunglasses, hat, camera, the food out of your hand. Anything it can grab.

The larger males are dangerous and will bite. They have large canines, and in Indonesia, rabies is a genuine issue.

Monkey selfie
Takes selfie in forrest with stolen camera. (Screenshot/Youtube)

When I was traveling around Indonesia, we visited a temple in Bali. There were a lot of baboons all around, (these ones are called Macaques I believe) sitting on the steps, walls, and rails. You could buy a little bag of fruit from a vendor at the entrance to feed them. We thought hell no, we aren’t wasting money on them—but we didn’t know what was going to happen.

They were eyeing us up. We stop to watch a mother with a cute little baby baboon in her arms. Soon, another one jumped on my friends back, grabbed his (expensive) sunglasses, and escaped to a tree branch just over a wall and out of our reach.

We found out we could buy some fruit to trade with the little thief…we did. Sure enough, we showed it our offering, it came up and grabbed the fruit and threw Alex’s glasses away and ran.

What a total scam! I am certain those little temple monkeys had been trained to do that…monkey business indeed.

We experienced another attempted robbery before getting wise and putting all out loose belongings into a bag and zipping it tight. We saw other tourist having the same thing happen to them.

Bad monkey
Bad monkey…this one just wont let go of the food it’s trying to get out of her purse. (Screenshot/Youtube)

On Bali, near Ubud town, there is a place called Ubud Monkey Forest.

There are countless stories of attacks by these forrest gangsters.

This travel blog makes me wonder how the place is even open, with an average of three people being bitten a day. They were literally chased out by the little gangsters.

They called it: “Terror in the Monkey Forest”

“While many of the smaller monkeys and the mothers nursing babies seemed to keep away from people, others were attempting to mug visitors; one tried unzipping a woman’s backpack while she wasn’t looking, another made a grab for a man’s trouser pockets.

“I saw one pretty stupid tourist kneeling down, his arm outstretched, attempting to lure a small monkey onto it for a photo opportunity. He succeeded in getting the monkey onto his arm, but jumped up again in shock when it promptly bit him, breaking the skin.”

Read the whole story, it’s unbelievable…as a popular tourist spot at least!

Other places with “monkey” trouble include the rest of South East Asia, India, and Africa. Are there any other places I missed? Have any of you experienced this freaky monkey business?


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