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Is This the Worst Tech Product Ever Made? Snazzy Labs Says Yes

Many people are now crowd funding inventions and products on Kickstarter.

That’s exactly what Japan’s Logbar company did, receiving over $880,000 to get its product, a gesture ring that’s supposed to do nearly everything but clean your windows, into production.

However, not only is the ring far to big to fit almost anyone’s finger, it is terribly designed, truly ugly, and to top it off, doesn’t work most of the time. The software for the ring is even worse, according to this video, being completely hopeless.

At $269, the Logbar gesture ring is a colossal white elephant if there ever was one.

In this video, Quinn from Snazzy Labs does a review of the Logbar gesture ring, or is it an obituary, and refers to the ring as “comically unusable.”

Not only is the ring huge (like gargantuan huge), it only works 5-10 percent of the time, which the company admits is pretty average.

It just goes to show that not all great tech ideas translate into workable products. Or maybe it proves that P.T. Barnum really was right: There’s a sucker born every minute.


Now here’s a video showing what Logbar promised the ring is supposed to do. All I can say is there appears to be a major disconnect somewhere here.

So if you were planning to spend nearly $270 of your hard-earned cash, you probably want to seriously rethink doing this.


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