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Dad Becomes Human Punch Bag to Raise Money for Sick Son (Photos)

A man in Beijing has resorted to desperate measures to raise money for his young son’s huge medical bills, Tencent News reported.

Xi Jun stood in front of Guomao Station on Nov. 27, wearing a t-shirt that said people can hit him for 10 yuan ($1.63) a punch. Next to the donation box were photos of his son, and a medical certificate showing the boy has myeloid leukemia.

Xi’s son is called Guo Guo, and was diagnosed with the cancer about a year ago. Xi sold the family home to go towards the treatment expenses, and they moved to Beijing to be near a hospital that does bone marrow transplants. The cost of the procedures to date is more than 700,000 yuan (about $114,000).

So far Xi has managed to collect about 10,000 yuan (about $1,630) from passersby, and has borrowed 40,000 yuan (about $6,512) from acquaintances.

He was reluctant to ask for money from strangers because he did not want to look like a beggar, especially as there are so many fake beggars in China.

But he hasn’t had much luck with other ways of raising money, and this was his last resort.

Fortunately people have been choosing to donate money to Guo Guo’s cause without punching his father as advertized.

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