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How to Grow Veggies in a Tiny Space With a Keyhole Garden (Infographic)

Want to grow your own fresh, organic vegetables but have little space?

A keyhole garden follows permaculture design principle, and is ideal for growing a range of vegetables in the one raised bed. The perfect answer to a kitchen garden.

Typically, keyhole gardens are circular in shape for easy access from all sides, maximizing use of space.

If you decide to make a raised key-hole garden, there is no need for digging—too easy.


DIY raised keyhole garden on your plot

  • Step 1. Get your friends around to help. Gardening is a community thing!
  • Step 2. Measure out the dimensions of the garden bed.
  • Step 3. Cover your lawn with a think layer of wet newspaper or cardboard where the garden bed will be. This will smother your grass and is the ground level.
  • Step 4. Build up the walls of your garden with stones, bricks, bamboo—be innovative, and check out how other people have built theirs.
  • Step 5. Leave an opening for your keyhole shape for the basket-like construction. This is the stomach of your garden and where you put the compost.
  •  Step 6. Build the inner wall of the keyhole space with sticks, bamboo, chicken wire, or lattice—about 5 feet tall. The floor of this keyhole space will be filled with compost, kitchen scraps, and grass clippings. As this matter decomposes, it becomes food that slowly leaches into the garden bed to become nutrients for your plants.
  • Step 7. Build up layers of organic matter on your garden beds. First, cover the bottom newspaper with straw, then cover with a thick layer of compost and soil.
  • Step 8. Now your garden is really for planting with seeds or seedlings. What should you plant? What do you like eating? Here are some ideas.
  • Step 9. Show off your new garden to others and share your know-how.



Source: Fix.com


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