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Chinese Cabbage: An Amazing Vegetable Beyond Your Imagination

Chinese cabbage, also called Napa, is a powerful vegetable that can help with bowel movements and removing metabolic wastes from internal organs.

It is a secret prescription revealed by the Taoists. A Taoist master said: “Napa has an excellent effect in scavenging the bowels.

Many people who suffer from digestion ailments enjoy surprising improvements after eating cabbage for an extended period of time.”

Cleansing internal organs is a must for longevity.

Everyone can do this at home without side effects. Here is how to achieve this.

Take cabbage leaves and boil them in water without salt or oil. If you like, add some hot peppers, Chinese prickly ashes, or scraped ginger.

When you feel hungry, eat cabbage leaves for three consecutive days without any other food. On the 3rd day, you can drink some cabbage soup in addition to the leaves. When you do so, remember to cook the napa for a longer time so the leaves become very soft. Such a recipe impacts bowel movements and metabolic waste removal.

If you can follow the diet once per month (7 consecutive days is even better), the stool accumulated in the bowels will be discharged. At the very beginning, it looks dark. As you continue the diet, the discharge looks lighter, like jelly. If you follow the diet for more than 3 weeks, five colors of stool will be discharged, indicating that all of the metabolic wastes of the five important organs (liver, heart, spleen, lungs, and kidneys) have been fully removed.

The Taoist master suggests the best time to take the 3-day cabbage diet is during the weekend, when you can get away from social activities and stay at home to read and/or sit in meditation.

Many substances in the cabbage help prevent cancer.

  • First of all, there is plenty of vitamin A and vitamin C.
  • Second, a substance called “Indole-3-carbinol” can be found in cabbage, roughly 0.01% by weight. It promotes the generation of an important enzyme that suppresses the growth and reproduction of cancer cells.
  • Third, cabbage also contains the trace element “molybdenum.” Molybdenum is an important constituent of metalloenzymes  in human bodies. These block the production of carcinogens such as “nitrosamine” and prevents cancer from occurring.
  • Fourth, cabbage also contains another trace element called “selenium,” an indispensable element for heart metabolism. Its nickname is the “Tinder of Life”. The enzyme that selenium helps generate prevents the oxidation of unsaturated fat. It also suppresses the formation of peroxide and free radicals, both potential carcinogens.
  • Fifth, cabbage also contains iron. It is an important substance in your daily diet for cancer prevention.

Chinese cabbage has many amazing properties. (Image: Sina.com)
Chinese cabbage has many amazing properties. (Image: Sina.com)

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