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Taiwanese Remix: Singers Raise Their Umbrellas for Hong Kong (Video)

A group of singers from Taiwan have rewritten “Hold Up the Umbrellas,” the Occupy Central theme song, into a Taiwanese version to show their support for the Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong.

The meaning and spirit of the song are similar, but the new version contains Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka, and other aboriginal languages.

Denise Ho, one of the singers of the original version, said:

This is a tear jerker. I got goose bumps listening to it. Thanks for the sounds from Taiwan…

Other well-known artists also commented on the piece.

Xie Ming Yu, the Best Hokkien Male Singer of the 2013 Golden Melody Awards, said: “Regarding Taiwan’s position on this, we’re definitely the ones who should support Hong Kong and lend our voices to the cause. It’s now or never!”

Rapper Dwagie said: “Hong Kong needs our support and encouragement in the journey to democracy so I just did this without question.”

If you want to know what the lyrics are, take a look at the original version with our translation.


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