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Wow, APEC Fireworks Look Amazing, But Are They Really Eco-Friendly?

The fireworks display at the APEC grand banquet on Nov. 10 was spectacular, and was called “Nature Song” because it was meant to be green.

Staged at the Olympic Park in Beijing, the event heralded the Economic Leaders’ meeting, which is central to the Asia-Pacific Cooperation summit.

The world leaders were wearing specially designed Chinese outfits that bloggers joked looked like they were at a Star Trek convention. Meanwhile CNN said the whole spectacle looked more like a tribute display from the Hunger Games!



Considering the severe restrictions local authorities put in place on residents to clear the skies for APEC blue, it seems ironic to see an enormous display of fireworks in the capital. Especially as they’ve previously been banned in parts of China to reduce smog levels, for example during Chinese New Year.

According to the show’s creative director, the fireworks didn’t cause any harm because they’re environmentally friendly. His comments were run by state media, along with those of so-called experts saying the fireworks did not contain heavy metals.

Oh and the display was shorter than usual at only 13 minutes.

With air pollution data censored in Beijing that day, I guess we’ll never know the truth!








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