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How to Follow the Ostrich Policy. Warning: Don’t Try This at Home!

I wonder if the Chinese censors ever have a chuckle while at work… It would be hard not to laugh at this Weibo blogger’s creative photo choice.

The purged message about mainlanders choosing the Ostrich Policy is very serious though:

“Some people in mainland China are hostile to civil activities. They hold notions such as: ‘Why give one’s country a hard time?’ to avoid issues on social justice and the difference between right and wrong. They’re brainwashed and won’t dwell on questions like: ‘How can a minority that wasn’t authorized by the people hold absolute power indefinitely?’ or ‘Why do you get silenced, detained, or even sentenced when criticizing the authorities?’… All these things become moral dilemmas under the suppression of a dictatorial regime.

When people are brainwashed and suppressed for too long, they simply act like ostriches, burying their heads in the ground so they see and hear nothing!

Research by Cecilia.

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