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The Umbrellistas’ Miracle Song: When You Believe (Video)

A group of youngsters created this music video to voice their support for the protesters in Hong Kong.

They adapted the tune from Mariah Carey’s “When You Believe” with a new musical arrangement and Chinese lyrics about the Umbrella Revolution.


Miracles Under the Umbrella


I pray to the starry night.
Can people listen to what I have to say about my dream?
Hope is in my heart, which outweighs numerous obstacles.
No fear of danger or hardship,
Not afraid of the many tests around me,
Waiting at the cliff patiently for the bloom of little flowers.
You and I have never been cowardly.


Use this umbrella to weave a free sky.
Even when disappointed I never give in.
Don’t mock my dream, saying it’s in vain.
I believe in my dream.
Just wait and see, you will when you believe


Growing up in danger
It seems my prayer goes unanswered.
Promises are like broken kites,
They drift afar and never to be seen


Still I persist to stay here,
The road is rough but I’m not scared.
I’ve never been afraid of being hurt.
Don’t stay silent and hold back.


There can be miracles when you believe.
Though hope is frail it’s hard to kill.
Who knows what miracles you can achieve?
Somehow you will.
You will when you believe.
You will when you believe.
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