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Celery’s Magic Power

For 3,000 years in China, celery has been known as “the kitchen drug.’ Except being a main course or side dish to display its flavor, what magic power does celery possess?

Nutritional value

Celery contains a high percentage of protein and vitamin B. Its calcium, phosphorus, iron, and other mineral elements are also higher than other green vegetables. Surprisingly, nutrients found in the celery leaves are much higher than the edible stalks.

Celery leaves contain much more vitamin C, vitamin B1, protein, and calcium than the stalks.

Medical properties

Chinese medicine believes celery’s roots, stems, leaves, and seeds can be used as medicine.

Celery lowers blood pressure, and improves glucose metabolism in diabetic patients. It’s rich in fiber, and can help excrete harmful substances, including carcinogens, found in the body. It’s also great for weight loss. Its high calcium and phosphorus content helps strengthen your bones, and helps prevent rickets in children. In the fall, when the climate is dry, eating celery helps your body detoxify.

As you can see, celery is a most healthy vegetable to eat, and if you’re lacking ideas on how to incorporate it into your meals, try the following recipe.

Translator: Felice Boewe



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