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Chinese Couple Sue 29-Year-Old Son to Make Him Leave Home and Get a Job

Parents wishing their children would leave the nest, take note: If you’re really desperate, you can always take them to court to get them evicted!

A couple in Beijing found themselves in this strange predicament after their stay-at-home son, aged 29, decided to bring his equally unemployed girlfriend to live at their place.

Xu Qing dropped out of university, and moved back to his folks’ place. But instead of starting the “boring” job his dad organized with a friend, he spent his days sleeping or online. Meanwhile his mom cooked all his meals, and did his laundry, according to Sohu.

The final straw was was having to support Xu’s girlfriend as well. When they refused to leave, his parents started legal proceedings.

As owners of the house, the court ruled that the parents could make him go, but the youngsters ignored the 60-day deadline. So an eviction notice was granted, and bailiffs removed them and their stuff.

Bloggers shared the story widely, with most saying the parents were at fault for raising such a spoiled kid.

Translated research by Lulu and Mona.

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